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Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is quick and easy to set up. It is less costly both financially and in terms of management time. Successful mediation creates a faster return to a more constructive working environment.

What is Mediation?

Mediation creates a safe and confidential space that allows for the relevant people to discuss the issues in dispute. It allows each person involved in the dispute the opportunity to be heard and to work with the other party to reach a solution. The mediator guides the process and encourages those involved to reach an agreement that the parties can live with.
Is Mediation Successful?
80% of mediations reach agreement and those that don’t leave the mediation process with a better understanding of each other’s perspective. Taking part in the process has been shown to have a positive outcome on employee understandings and relationships.
Can I make my employees participate in mediation?
Mediation is totally voluntary. If Mediation is a step in your internal procedures this does not mean that your employee has to participate. You as an employer can encourage your employee to view mediation as an opportunity to sort issues out informally.
If agreement is reached will it be shared with the company?
Mediation agreements are private and are shared with the employer unless this has been agreed before the mediation starts
What is the advantage of Mediation in the Workplace?
The advantage of using workplace mediation is that it allows a problem to be resolved informally, by ensuring that all the sides are heard. The process also means that participants are involved in finding a mutually agreed solution which is likely to be more effective and last longer.
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