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HR Specialist & Workplace Investigator

Employment Law Services can offer you the services of a highly skilled HR Specialist with many years of experience working with Small to Medium Businesses.

About Us

I work with you to achieve a well-managed workplace

It has been widely acknowledged that a well-managed workplace is the most productive. I have an interest in helping each client I work with to achieve that well-managed workplace. Most times an application of common sense and some policies and procedures can allow you to create more time to actually run your business.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Employment Contract

Using our template you can design your own employment contract fro your business.

Workplace Mediation

If you need mediation services in your business we can provide a professional service.

HR Support​​

We offer help with all aspects of Human Resource Management.

Staff Handbook

Buy your Staff Handbook online here for use in your business.


what our clients have to say

employment contracts

Employment Law Services can offer you a template for employment contracts specifically for your business. You can fill in the details online and we will create the contracts for you.

HR Support
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