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HR Support

What is HR Support?

HR Support is having the documentation and procedures in place that help you manage your employees in a way that maximises their contribution to your business and contributes to best practice in your organisation.

HR is shorthand for Human Resources but what are Human Resources. Simply put your Human Resources are the people who work for you, the energy that keeps your business running.

Why do I need HR Support?
It is extremely unlikely that businesses would do their own plumbing, electrics, Broadband and phones, general maintenance, insurance and accounts to name a few. Yet, in a area where legislation is heavily applied, and where employees have recourse to seek compensation without personal cost, they take the chance on the DIY option when it comes to Employment Law. Because employment law has become more complicated over the past 20 years it is no longer a DIY option. Good HR Support should be viewed as an expense that is an asset to your business.
What will HR Support do for me?

Employment Law works for both the Employer and the Employee. It obliges Employers to have procedures in place that regulate the management of their Employees. With these procedures they have a system to work within that allow them to manage poor performance, attendance, absences and many other aspects of the work environment.

Employment Law protects an Employer’s rights as well and an Employee’s rights. If you have the correct processes and procedures in place and follow them, your rights as an Employer are protected.

How will you Support My Business?

I will get to know your business and how it works. A HR Audit will tell me what you need to put in place and I will help you do that. I don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your contracts will be your contracts and your handbook will be your handbook. They will be created for your business.

Respecting Your Business

Employment Law Services is my business and I know how important it is to me – I will have the same respect and concern for your business. I will be at the end of a phone or email to answer any of your queries. In fact I welcome those queries as early intervention in any issue is often the best solution.


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