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Workplace Investigation

Certified Investigator

Employment Law Services can offer you the services of a Corporate and Employment Investigator, certified by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, to complete a fair and unbiased third party investigation

When do you need a Workplace Investigation?

The need for a Workplace investigation arises following and a complaint or a grievance made by an Employee, a client or a third party against an Employer or Employee of your company. This can be a complaint such as bullying and harassment or sexual harassment. An Employer is obliged to investigate any allegations to satisfy the need for fair process. An investigation can assist an employer in gathering information to allow them to establish whether or not an individual has engaged in conduct that is either inappropriate or a breach of company policies. It can also be a useful tool to gather facts. A complaint can range from poor performance to poor behaviour.

Can an organisation conduct a Workplace Investigation within the company?

Yes you can but your organisation must inform itself of the proper manner in which to conduct your investigation. Any investigation must be able to withstand the scrutiny of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) or the Labour Court in demonstrating that the investigation upheld the Principles of Natural Justice and Fair Procedures. Mistakes can be expensive and may lead to substantial financial costs or legal risks.

Why should I choose a third party to conduct a Workplace Investigation

There are a number of reasons for engaging an independent investigator. The most obvious ones are

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