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What is a Staff Handbook?

A Staff Handbook is a record of your rules for your employees. Staff handbooks play an essential role in communicating company policies and procedures, terms and conditions, and information on leave and benefits. It brings together and summarises all your employment policies in the one place. An effective handbook is a ‘How To ’ for your business when it comes to managing employment issues.
It is also important that your document is tailored to your business operation and not merely a standard publication.  It should be written by a HR professional with enough knowledge of employment lay to ensure that your Staff Handbook is fully in-line with the law.
Understanding the difficulty in finding the time to complete this type work prompted me to develop this method to help you draft your handbook with the minimum of demands on your time.

How it Works:

What Happens Next?

When I have a first draft completed I will send it to you.  (Within 3 working days).

Should you have anything you need added or deleted from the draft version we will discuss the options to do so and what they would mean to the finished document.

If there are any updates required for your Staff Handbook I will send them to you for the first 12 Months.

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